Have You Ever Encountered These Problems?

Lack of domain-wide data

single data source, not comprehensive and three-dimensional data, lack of public domain data

Difficulty in label production

fragmented data sources make governance difficult and prevent high-quality label modeling efforts

High cost of traffic

In the context of disappearing traffic dividend, the cost of traffic is getting higher and higher, and enterprises want to obtain higher ROI

User portraits are difficult

inaccurate crowd selection in marketing placement and operational growth, which directly leads to unstable results

Application Scenarios

We use data to help companies build user portraits and tagging systems to help them achieve refined operations and accurate marketing

Tag assets supplement
It is able to fit different business scenarios and further explore the value of data, with multi-dimensional and multi-data sources forming a tagging portrait system to understand your users in all aspects
Refine operation
Insight into new customer characteristics, new user cold start, activity operation stratification, churn warning, user purchase conversion, high potential crowd operation
User Insight
Build a comprehensive, accurate and multi-dimensional user portrait system to provide data support for new user cold start, stock user conversion and lost user recall

What Are the Functions of JPortrait?

Why Should You Choose JPortrait?

Flexible and simple

providing a variety of label creation methods, users can realize visual operation in the label production interface and produce the required labels flexibly

Accurate data

stable own data, multi-terminal full-domain data identification, fusion, and hitting, to ensure the trend of data source indicators are accurate and stable

In-depth insight

rich data tags, including basic attributes, device attributes, industry tags, application preferences, statistical tags, all-round portrayal of user interest characteristics

Fast data update

automated data algorithm platform to ensure routine data update and extremely fast response of the interface

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