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Have You Ever Encountered These Problems?

Complex Application Scenarios

There are too many system platforms and manufacturer channels, and there are too many rules for notification pushing via platforms and channels that are upgraded very fast and incompatible. It is difficult to upgrade and maintain push platforms and it takes a long time to implement processes, leading to low efficiency.

Low Delivery/Click Rate

Reasons such as channel quota limit, message type limit, single sending strategy, lack of reissue mechanism, close of notification permission, and poor sending timing lead to low delivery rate and click rate, causing poor operational performance.

Single Reach Method

It is difficult for single messages on the notification bar to meet operational needs. However, it is difficult and takes a long time to develop user-defined messages, in-app messages, rich media messages, geofencing messages, variable value-passing personalized messages, etc.

What Are the Functions of JMessage?

Why You Should Choose JMessage

Shared Channels

JMessage shares one TCP long connection with the JPush service while expanding its custom protocol, which means it will be highly secured, efficient and stable just like JPush.

Stable and Reliable

The custom message synchronization mechanism can ensure that messages won’t get lost.

Enabled for Massive Concurrency

JMessage shares the multi-regionally distributed network resources of JPush service. It will be able to support hundreds of millions of users to be online simultaneously, and the daily average message concurrency amount can be tens of millions.

Customized Services

JMessage provides private cloud customization services to enterprises. We offer customized solution services to our clients, which will be using their own private channels. We offer comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Privilege comparison

  • Service Type
  • Service Content
  • Free Service
  • VIP Service
    • Storage space

    • Offline chat message
    • 100 messages / 15 days
    • 300 messages / 30 days
    • Chat history
    • Retained for 15 days
    • Retained for 60 days
    • Basic functions

    • Daily active users
    • 100
    • Unlimited
    • Number of private chat messages
    • 100messages / day
    • Unlimited
    • Number of group chat messages
    • 100messages / day
    • Unlimited
    • Number of available groups
    • 100
    • 2000
    • Number of available chat rooms
    • 50
    • 2000
    • Voice / emoji / image / user-defined extended message
    • File transfer
    • Cross-Application Chating
    • Mute notifications
    • Blacklist
    • User management
    • Group management
    • Advanced service

    • API call
    • 100 times/minute
    • Up to 200,000 times/minute
    • Sample code, open-source sample application
    • Real-time message routing
    • Technical Support

    • One-to-one technical support
    • Solution consultation
    • 400 service hotline
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