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Have you ever faced such challenges?

Struggling with demanding business environments

Traffic monetization has passed its prime, and extensive monetization models often fail to turn a high profit.

Having no say in budget decisions

Revenues are gradually reduced since the managed advertising platforms control them.

Lacking sensitivity to industry trends

Data limitations cause insensitivity to all types of industry trends and the lack of insights related to monetization.

Adpub brings high revenues for developer APPs

Why Adpub?

A Complete Set of Convergence Operation Tools

Header bidding, Waterfall layering, traffic grouping, A/B test, managed/independent operation mode.

All Data in A Single Backend

Access to substantial data of all connected advertising platforms with a single API. It enables real-time, transparent, and multi-dimensional data analysis from the Adpub backend.


100+ selected direct advertisers and high-quality DSPs to help developers gain more budget and flexibility.

Safe and Reliable Advertising SDK Service

Popular advertising forms, high reliability, compliance, and connection to 24/7 online professional business, operation, and technical teams.

They All Chose Aurora Mobile

High-Quality Traffic

  • 花生日记

  • 水印相机

  • B612咔叽

  • WIFI万能钥匙

  • 雷速体育

  • 酷狗大字版

  • 无他相机

  • 超强清理大师

  • 刷宝短视频

  • 书旗小说

  • U净

  • 中青看点

  • 快音

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