Have You Ever Encountered These Problems?

Sacrificing Better User Experience to Reach More Users

Due to the lack of policy to reach target users, to reach more users you have to send messages via multiple channels, which leads to message flooding

Difficulties in Balancing Costs and Delivery Rate

Free message delivery channels such as apps have a low delivery rate but SMS with a high delivery rate is extremely costly

Few Dimensions for Statistical Analysis Caused by Separate Systems

It is difficult to complete operation tasks in a closed-loop manner because your user data systems, message delivery systems, and statistical systems are separate and not interoperable

A Waste of Resources Caused by Repeated Interface Development

Since each business system is connected to the message delivery channel separately, you have to repeat the interface development process when you want to expand the channels

What Are the Functions of JUMS?

Why Should You Choose JUMS?

Unified Messaging Covering All Channels

JUMS integrates ten message channels, namely apps, WeChat official accounts, WeChat mini programs, SMS, email, Alipay life accounts, DingTalk, WeChat Work, 5g messaging and Feishu, and will soon support Alipay mini programs and ByteDance mini programs.

Reducing Costs and Increasing Delivery Rate

With JUMS, you can replace SMS with other free message channels and ensure message delivery via re-delivery policies, which can greatly increase message delivery rate and reduce SMS costs.

Unified Interfaces for Standardized Connections

The unified interfaces for message delivery channels are extensible and enable the horizontal expansion of message channels without any modifications.

Secure and Reliable Solutions Supporting Private Deployments

We offer customized private deployment solutions to ensure the security and compliance of your data in a private environment. You can also be given access to Aurora Mobile's core source code.

They All Choose JUMS

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