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Challenges of Financial Industry

High Cost of Reaching Users

The cost of SMS is high. How to ensure delivery via low-cost channels? Multi-channel, independent and repeated connections require high R&D and O&M costs. How to ensure unified management and expand channels quickly?

Message Flooding Causing Poor Experience

Due to the lack of precise strategy to reach target users, messages are delivered to users via multiple channels, disturbing users. How to ensure timely delivery while improving user experience?

Inconvenient Data Analysis

Since the data of business, channel and user systems are separated, operators have to summarize data manually. This requires high labor cost and is more likely to cause errors. How to easily get multi-dimensional statistical reports?

Marketing & Risk Control

Strict risk control is required for the marketing of financial products. How to build a real-time and effective risk control system based on user behavior data and Internet-wide data so as to reduce risks and meet regulatory requirements?

Difficulties in Marketing Management

It is difficult to conduct effective refined management of agents and marketing system of financial products. How to accurately analyze user quality, check excellent agent portraits, track order data, and monitor the target completion rate and attribution of marketing activities in real time?

Difficulties in Intelligent Marketing

Intelligent identification and management of customer journeys, intelligent recommendation of products and services, and personalized services and value for customers are the keys to intelligent marketing to better convert and retain customers.

Messaging Cloud Scenario and Solution

Messaging Cloud Scenario and Solution

  • One-click Batch Messaging via All Channels

    • App, WeChat, SMS, email, Alipay, DingTalk, and other mainstream channels are fully covered. Messages only need to be sent one time to reach users on all these channels. The unified connection via standard interface is convenient and efficient. Low-cost messaging channels are prioritized with SMS as a supplementary channel, which reduces cost and improves delivery rate.
  • Precise Reach to Target Users with Better Experience

    • Based on a unified, multi-channel user system, status of users on each channel will be identified for intelligent message redelivery. In the notification scenario, multi-channel users will only receive one message and will not be disturbed. In the customer service scenario, different channels will wake up each other for smooth communication with users.
  • Full-link Data Analysis

    • Message lifecycle can be recorded in such dimensions as channel, user, and uplink and downlink to provide companies with diverse multi-dimensional reports such as funnel, loss, trend, and behavior analysis. Unified protocols are adopted to call back multi-channel message data to companies through HTTP interface, MQ, etc.

Intelligent Operation Scenario and Solution

Intelligent Operation Scenario and Solution

  • Global User Data Assets

    • With all-platform data accumulation and global reach channels, and based on a sound ID-Mapping system, users can be identified cross-app and cross-platform to build 360° user portraits and tags. A user marketing model can be built with privacy computing based on Internet-wide data and business data as well as advanced algorithmic models.
  • Intelligent Marketing Decision

    • We can accurately stratify target users and allocate marketing resources to enable stratified operations; find potential users via AI algorithms, and integrate in advance the data into operation strategies to raise user retention and conversion rates; provide users with accurate financial product recommendations through our AI recommendation models.
  • Marketing Result Improvement

    • Based on user credit cards, wealth management, and insurance marketing models, we can provide personalized guidance and incentives for different users to increase activation and utilization rates of credit cards, the account opening and depositing rates of wealth management products, the number of insurance products, and insurance renewal rate.

Instant Messaging Scenario and Solution

Instant Messaging Scenario and Solution

  • Security & Compliance Services

    • Compliant archiving: Chat record retrieval and compliant archiving as per regulatory requirements
    • Information security: Encryption of messages, SDKs and systems meeting Chinese national standards
    • Localized private services: Localized systems and databases, and customized private cloud services
  • Financial Service Consulting

    • Goods consulting: Merchants on banking apps communicating with customers before and after sales
    • Financial product consulting: Online one-on-one service and consulting regarding wealth management products on banking apps
    • Cross-departmental business communication: Communication between managers of business departments on apps
  • Internal Office Efficiency

    • One-click notification to all: Integration with the OA system allows notifications and announcements to be delivered automatically synchronously
    • Integration with HR system: Instant messaging is synchronized with "mobile mailbox" of HR system so that employees can easily send and receive emails

Security Verification Scenario and Solution

User Login Security

  • AI module-based human identification

    Human operations are verified based on user action and operation trajectory as well as AI big data. Verification will fail in case of script operation.

  • Login and setting notification

    If there is login or setting action to an account, users will be notified of the time, IP, location and other information via SMS messages and emails.

  • Monthly summary of actions

    Users will be notified of the time, IP, location and action of each login via SMS messages and emails.

Business Processing Security

  • User identity verification

    User identity can be verified through SMS verification code, phone number verification, push authentication code, voice verification code, face recognition, fingerprint, screen lock, etc., and users can proceed with business only after authentication succeeds.

  • Purchase and payment confirmation

    Before purchasing or paying, user identity will be verified to protect the security of account and funds.

  • Business Processing Notification

    Users will be notified of payment records via emails, SMS messages or push notifications. Multiple mobile numbers and email addresses for receiving such notifications can be set on the App.

Customer Case

CEB Credit Card Yang Guang Hui Sheng Huo (Yang Guang App)

With the user-defined encryption standards in line with the SM2 algorithm of Chinese national standards, JPush can provide users with financial-class protection, greatly reducing the risk of information hijacking. Besides, based on our precise user portrait function and the tracking and after-effect analysis on push notifications, we help Yang Guang App constantly improve its push policies for refined and individualized intelligent push, thus avoiding disturbance to users caused by useless information and raising the click-through rate and user conversion rate.


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