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CEB Credit Card

Aurora Mobile empowers CEB Credit Card Yang Guang Hui Sheng Huo (Yang Guang App) in seeking more timely, stable and safe push approaches, helping CEB reduce costs and increase efficiency.

China Merchants Fund App

As a well-known fund manager in China, China Merchants Fund has a huge product system and large user base, and currently manages 33 open-end funds. The daily average number of push notifications on its APP alone exceeds 100 million.


Aurora Mobile helps Dongqiudi push information to users in a timely and stable manner.

Nice Tuan

As a system integrating seven message channels, namely apps, WeChat official accounts, WeChat mini programs, SMS, emails, Alipay life accounts, and DingTalk, JUMS enables Nice Tuan to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Shanghai Pharma

Aurora Mobile's services enable Shanghai Pharma to increase its message delivery rate and organizational efficiency, improve its logistics and distribution efficiency, and constantly promote its service innovation.

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