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Have You Ever Encountered These Problems?

Poor Monetization Results

Your APP traffic monetization results are unsatisfactory, and you want to increase revenue but don't know what should you do

Difficulties in Managing Multiple Platforms

You want to use multiple ad platforms to increase revenue, but are faced with difficulties in efficient multi-platform management and technical challenges

Lack of Professional Teams

After connection to ad platforms, you have to adopt an "extensive monetization" approach due to a lack of assistance and guidance from professional technical and operational teams

What Are the Functions of Ad Mediation Platform?

Why You Should Choose Ad Mediation Platform?

Convenient User Experience

The stable, sound services ensure quick integration of and access to multiple ad platforms, robust and concise back-end control, and easy one-stop management

Excellent Data Capabilities

The operating data and analysis functions of each platform can be analyzed at system back-end so as to guarantee transparent and autonomous operation, facilitate decision-making, and increase revenue

Flexible Operation Model

The media can customize ad placement policies and ad platforms or enable entrusted management of whole process, saving time and energy with the help of business and operation professionals

Professional and Timely Services

Our experienced business and operation teams stay abreast of market trends to enable refined monetization, and our first-class technical service team can help developers solve technical problems online

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