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Pain Points & Challenges

Difficulty in Integrating Channels

It is difficult to adapt App Push to multiple phone models to connect with phone makers' channels; It is difficult to connect SMS, email, WhatsApp and other channels; Multiple platforms are costly in terms of independent development and have low operational efficiency

Low Message Delivery Rate

The delivery rate of FCM is low; The complex international network environment and credibility of domain names make email delivery rate lower than expected; Black boxes of SMS service providers

High Compliance Risk

Compliance and privacy security under international legal regulation; Compliance with overseas policies such as data collection; Compliance with overseas rules on sensitive words, messaging frequency, etc.

Overseas Multi-channel Integration

Overseas Multi-channel Integration

  • We have three proprietary services, App Push, International Email, and International SMS, covering multiple overseas messaging channels.

    App Push has integrated overseas channels of smartphone makers such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor, OPPO, and VIVO to substantially improve delivery rate.

    International Email has a directly connected overseas messaging pool, which enables fast and efficient messaging from China and other countries to international receiving domain names.

    International SMS, with multiple overseas messaging channels covering 223 countries/regions, can respond in millisecond to deliver messages within 5 seconds.

Intelligent Messaging Strategies

Intelligent Messaging Strategies

  • Our solution enables messaging based on scenarios, channels and user tags/grouping, as it provides messaging strategies such as concurrent messaging, re-messaging, batch single push, and timed messaging, with optional features such as message priority and Do Not Disturb mode.

    The flexible adoption of the strategies can help reduce messaging costs while improving delivery rate.

Multidimensional Statistical Analysis

Multidimensional Statistical Analysis

  • Message history is traceable, and message storage period can be set to meet the needs of overseas companies for information traceability.

    We also provide post-messaging analysis, including a comparison of conversion funnel, loss, delivery and click rate in terms of user data and channel data.

    Eventually, we will provide data overview, message statistics, request statistics, distribution statistics and other reports throughout the message lifecycle.

Global Services and Data Security

Global Services and Data Security

  • Our solution is supported by overseas exclusive networks and multi-node access to global servers, with direct connection with overseas networks and overseas messaging pool;

    exclusive IP resources to ensure messaging effectiveness; data collection rules in line with international standards, data transmission complying with local policies;

    desensitized data storage, independent cloud services and data isolation to protect data security; high availability of services such as dedicated O&M, real-time monitoring and failure recovery.

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