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Have You Ever Encountered These Problems?

Complex Application Scenarios

There are too many system platforms and manufacturer channels, and there are too many rules for notification pushing via platforms and channels that are upgraded very fast and incompatible. It is difficult to upgrade and maintain push platforms and it takes a long time to implement processes, leading to low efficiency.

Low Delivery/Click Rate

Reasons such as channel quota limit, message type limit, single sending strategy, lack of reissue mechanism, close of notification permission, and poor sending timing lead to low delivery rate and click rate, causing poor operational performance.

Single Reach Method

It is difficult for single messages on the notification bar to meet operational needs. However, it is difficult and takes a long time to develop user-defined messages, in-app messages, rich media messages, geofencing messages, variable value-passing personalized messages, etc.

What Are the Functions of JShare?

Why You Should Choose JShare

Convenient integration and simple operation

Only a few minutes are needed to integrate JShare components which equip your app with strong socialization functions, a uniform interface and simple operation.

Stable, Reliable and small sized SDK

The kit required by each platform is independent, and it may be added based on needs. At the same time, JShare shares one Core with other JIGUANG developer products, greatly reducing the size of SDK.

Good User Experience

The product provides a standard sharing panel by using an open code method. Developers can adjust the layout based on their needs, and it would not seem obtrusive regardless of the type of app.

Clear, Concise Statistics

Complete data statistics help developers to understand the sharing status of various social platforms, improving product development and promotion.