Have You Ever Encountered These Challenges?

Unable to convert click rate

A marketing approach focused on click rate cannot quantify final assessment result

Low pass rate

Uncontrollable user base leads to a low pass rate in the application and credit granting process

Cost increase

Unwise increase in click rate will result in a rise in costs

What Are the Functions of Risk Marketing Score?

Why Should You Choose Risk Marketing Score?

Wide Data Coverage

Installed in more than 1.4 million apps in China, our SDKs have covered more than 90% of mobile devices in China, monitoring 1.42 billion active devices each month. Our data cover 2 million+ apps in 22 industries and 206 sub-industries.

Diverse Financial Customer Cases

With five years of industry experience, we are well recognized by financial institutions for our risk control capabilities and excellent marketing services. We have successfully provided services for many marketing scenarios and our RTA cases cover most of the top financial institutions.

Data Compliance and Fast Update

The data are all collected through our SDKs, which are more compliant and risk-free. With the response time within 200 milliseconds and automated data collection systems, daily data updates can be ensured.

Wide Indicator Coverage

We can fully analyze user behaviors based on thousands of characteristics, and provide traceable financial, population attributes, hobbies, and other related factors based on scenario needs.

More Flexible Ways to Access Data

We support joint modeling, flexible deployment, offline batch processing, and invoking interface online.

Risk Marketing Score Application Scenarios

Risk Marketing Score

  • User Acquisition

  • User Stratification

  • Inactive User Activation

  • Lost User Recovery

  • RTA Application

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