Industry Difficulties & Challenges

Fragmented Data of Retail Customers

Customer identities are not consistent and data standards are incompatible in different sales channels such as Taobao, WeChat, and APP. How to aggregate and analyze data from multiple channels to form multi-dimensional reports?

Lack of User Portraits in Member Management

The content of different media platforms is fragmented, scattered and isolated, with channels and platforms being independent of each other, unable to keep apace with the rapid evolution of the Internet and difficult to track public opinions.

Difficulty in Reaching Users in Marketing Activities

How to locate different customer groups, distinguish different message types such as notification and marketing, and use different channels such as App push, mini program notification, SMS and email to deliver messages? How to reduce disturbances to users while increasing message click rate?

Imprecise Ad Targeting

Online advertising lacks data support and the conversion result is poor. How to achieve accurate advertising with big data?

Refined User Grouping & Portrait Insights

Refined User Grouping & Portrait Insights

  • Data Center

    • The fragmented data of platforms are aggregated by people, events and items via client data buried points and API reporting.
  • Intelligent Tag

    • Dynamic and static user tag is generated automatically in real-time as per business rules, making clear customer hobbies, product preferences, conversion result, etc.
  • Risk Marketing Score

    • Personalized marketing scenarios are summarized. Company business data are utilized through a scorecard mechanism and Aurora Mobile's Internet-wide data through an algorithm to generate risk marketing score for different scenarios and provide a basis for companies' marketing decision-making.

Intelligent Delivery of Goods Information to Consumers

Intelligent Delivery of Goods Information to Consumers

  • Delivery by Target Group Tag

    • Message recipients are identified by user portrait, tag, and Risk Marketing Score, to align with recommended products and copywriting for intelligent, personalized push notifications.
  • Multi-Platform Messaging Integration

    • Mainstream messaging channels can be integrated to deliver messages in varying operation scenarios via different channels, e.g. App Push + SMS for logistics notifications, App Push + WeChat Mini Program for promotional activities, and DingTalk + WeChat Work for private domain operation.
  • Strategy-based Push Notification

    • Multiple channels mutually supplement for re-delivery. Notifications can be sent by broadcast, single point, group, alias, etc., and differentiated, optimal user reach strategies are offered to suit different messaging frequencies and timeliness requirements e.g. logistics notifications, promotional activities, and security warning.

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