Industry Difficulties & Challenges

Difficulty in Learner Enrollment

It is hard to monitor offline audience engagement, carry out online engagement on isolated channels, manage dispersed leads and quantify enrollment results, leading to high costs

Difficulty in Customer Conversion

The competition is fierce, and following up with leads is unregulated with inconsistent rules, leading to a big loss of intended customers, low activation rate, and difficulty in conversion

Difficulty in Customer Retention

Plenty of learners, different privilege rules, rough learner portraits, and low personalized service efficiency results in low customer stickiness and high customer churn

Difficulty in Operation

The passive operation monitoring and a lack of data basis for decision-making make it hard to conduct social sharing-based marketing and offer quality services precisely

Full-link Learner Reach

Full-link Learner Reach

    • Integrated channels such as APPs, systems, and third-party platforms enable full-link intelligent user engagement, building an information link for educational institutions to connect learners and improving the efficiency of enrollment and service information delivery
  • Enrollment Marketing

    • Full-link traffic attraction allows for unified delivery of enrollment messages and multi-platform cross-field fission marketing
  • Schedule Notification

    • Dynamic course notifications and multi-channel strategy-based push notifications ensure message delivery
  • Privilege Reminder

    • Well-timed user privilege reminders improve learning experience and learner stickiness
  • Teaching Evaluation

    • Teaching survey notifications are pushed in real-time to collect learner feedback and to help improve educational quality

Personalized Teaching Service

Personalized Teaching Service

    • Learner portraits are depicted precisely based on educational institutions' data assets and Aurora Mobile models, allowing institutions to get closer to users through data-driven personalized services
  • Learner Management

    • Learner status is tracked automatically and learner attributes are tagged intelligently
  • Product Portrait

    • Teaching and marketing data are aggregated to depict product portraits and improve product solutions
  • Learner Rating

    • Learners are rated precisely through Joint Modeling to tap their potential with scores
  • Personalized Teaching

    • Group-based services are provided for learners to improve target accuracy and traffic value

AI Operation and Marketing

AI Operation and Marketing

    • User behaviors are identified with the aid of AI perception to enable personalized marketing and build an JOperation system, so educational institutions can increase traffic value
  • Learner Allocation

    • User attributes are identified precisely based on holographic portraits to allocate personnel to follow up on learners as needed
  • Learner Assessment

    • Well-timed return visit and survey according to learner willingness help well maintain users
  • AI Group-based Operation

    • AI-based user value prediction and group-based operation help improve user retention
  • Intelligent Recommendation

    • Intelligent match between resources and engagement channels based on operation plan enables efficient, personalized traffic attraction

Learner Credibility Verification

Learner Credibility Verification

    • Operators' credibility data are adopted to enable phone number-based user identity verification, improve user perception experience, facilitate rapid user acquisition and conversion, and reduce user churn and privacy leakage risk
  • One-click Login

    • One-click SIM card login reduces operation steps and user churn
  • Identity Verification

    • Sensor-free learner identity verification improves verification efficiency and learning reliability
  • Information Protection

    • Sensitive information leakage risk is minimized to enhance the security of systems and APPs
  • Auxiliary SMS Authentication

    • Users who cannot be automatically authenticated can be authenticated quickly by SMS

Solution Framework

Customer Case

New Oriental Education

JPush has helped New Oriental Online address the issue of poor network information transmission based on the agency's sound virtual classroom structure. The open connection and union-based push notification channels of JPush have activated an information link between classrooms and learners to efficiently transmit to users such information as product promotion, course notifications, after-class assignments, and teacher comments. This ensures business continuity in a non-contact way and allows for monitoring full-lifecycle status of classrooms in real-time, so that learners can take classes online without interruption.

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