When using the Information Systems provided by Shenzhen Hexun Huagu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "JIGUANG") , we undertake to comply with the following regulations:

1. We will strictly abide by relevant national laws and regulations, ensure the security of our data:

1.1 to establish and improve the information security management system, information security responsibility system, and information delivery approval system, and strictly review the content sent by us.
1.2 strictly abide by the Internet Information Service Management Measures and strictly control the content to ensure the health and legality of the content.
1.3 that the content herewith is strictly limited to the industry application or content limited by JIGUANG, and shall not involve any illegal advertisement.
1.4 to conduct access control management for the software operation staff of the system.
1.5 for the related business of enterprise application, we will classify the catalog and coverage of the users, ensure that such mobile phone users will only be corporate member and we will not send message to non-members. If we provide relevant content to mobile phone users through this system, we shall apply for qualification certificates to state authorities and consciously abide by regulations. If receiving complaints from users, we are responsible for providing evidence that the user is a member of us and resolving the complaint as soon as possible.

2. It is strictly forbidden to use the system to send and disseminate information containing the following contents:

2.1 Opposition to basic principles established by Constitution Law;
2.2 Endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subverting state power, or disrupting national unity;
2.3 Damaging national honor and interests;
2.4 Inciting ethnic hatred and discrimination, or harming national unity;
2.5 Undermining religious policies of the State, or propagate cults or feudal superstitions;
2.6 Disseminating pornography, gambling, violence, homicide, terror or abetment content;
2.7 Insulting or slandering others, or infringing the legal rights and interests of others;
2.8 Containing other content prohibited by laws or administrative regulations.

3. We will allow JIGUANG to back up the content sent, sending time and other data sent through the system, and reserve it for more than 6 months, and we understand that when the state authorities conduct legal inquiry, JIGUANG is obliged to provide such information.

4. If it is found that the content submitted or published through the system obviously belongs to the contents listed in the Article 2, we shall stop the transmission immediately and report to the relevant state authorities.

5. If it is difficult to distinguish whether the information submitted or published through the system belongs to the contents listed in Article 2, we shall submit to JIGUANG for review and approval before release.

6. If the information submitted or published through the system violates the provisions of this undertaking, we voluntarily accept the punishment or penalty, including but not limited to stop the service used by us and JIGUANG will not refund the fee.

7. The personal information of the user shall be kept confidential and shall not be disclosed to others without the consent of the user, except as provided by laws and regulations.

We guarantee to abide by relevant supervision and management in the process of using the system, if there is any violation to the above terms, JIGUANG has the right to suspend the service at any time, we voluntarily assume all legal responsibilities, indemnify and hold JIGUANG harmless from and against all expenses( including legal fees), claims, costs, damages, losses or liabilities (including liabilities in contract or tort) suffered by JIGUANG due to or arising out of us being unable to comply with any term above.

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