Pain Points & Challenges

Difficulties in Depicting User Portraits

With a disorganized user tag system, it is difficult to gain business insights. How to build real-time, effective 360° portraits based on self-owned user behavior data and third-party big data?

Low ROI of Products

You have put in a lot of effort and money to develop products. But how to recommend the right products to the right people at the right time, and to increase product sales through intelligent recommendation?

User Value Differences

For companies, different users are of different value levels, and it is difficult to treat all users equally. How to make differentiated investments with limited resources?

Individual Differences

There are individual differences between users of the same value level, such as user hobbies, behaviors and tastes. How to tailor operation plans for better upselling?

Intelligent User Operation

Intelligent User Operation

  • Marketing operators can use intelligent marketing products to quickly independently create and complete operation activities, while monitoring the target conversion rate of their operation plan in real time and improving the operation plan at any time.

AI Application Scenarios

AI Application Scenarios

  • With our data advantages and real-time feedback system, as well as our proven deep learning recommendation model, we can provide customers with intelligent recommendation services in various scenarios through visualized logical configuration, and help them effectively improve core indicators.

User Asset Management

User Asset Management

  • We can comprehensively address the unique identification issue in case of multiple devices for multiple accounts, single account for multiple devices, and multiple accounts for single devices. We can integrate user attributes, tags, and behavior data on multiple platforms to facilitate closed-loop intelligent marketing.

    Based on our global user portraits and accurate in-app user portraits, we can better understand the differences in characteristics of target user groups and design targeted marketing activities for them.

Solution Architecture

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