Pain Points & Challenges

Difficulties in Self-building App Messaging Channel

There are high technical requirements for self-building app notification channels. As third-party vendor channels have many rules and update very fast, operations require multiple message types. How to quickly build a high-performance, low-cost, and secure App channel that supports multiple message types, multiple manufacturers and high concurrency?

Difficulties in SMS Service Selection

SMS use scenarios are closely related to business. In addition to costs, we need to consider whether verification codes can be automatically generated and verified, whether reports on various SMS message types can be unified, whether SMS messages can be integrated with messages from Apps, WeChat official accounts, and other channels to enable automated redelivery of messages.

High Cost of Multi-channel Management

With the diversification of user group distribution, companies have gradually enabled more messaging channels such as App, SMS, email, WeChat, and Mini Program. Independent and duplicate development, operation management and statistical analysis result in high cost and fragmented data. How to effectively raise operation management efficiency?

Message Flooding Causing Poor Experience

Due to the lack of precise strategy to reach target users, one operation activity needs to be carried out on multiple messaging channels at the same time, so messages need to be sent to users via multiple channels simultaneously, causing disturbance to users. How to ensure timely delivery while improving user experience?

Full and Multi-channel Coverage

Full and Multi-channel Coverage

  • All-channel coverage

    • There are many platforms for companies to carry out business. Our solution enables one-click connection with nine mainstream channels, i.e., app, WeChat, SMS, email, Alipay, DingTalk, thus ensuring full channel coverage, standardization, and unified and orderly message delivery management.
  • Full-link Data Analysis

    • Message lifecycle can be recorded in such dimensions as channel, user, and uplink and downlink to provide companies with diverse multi-dimensional reports such as funnel, loss, trend, and behavior analysis. Besides, multi-channel message data can be called back to companies through HTTP interface, MQ, etc.

Improving Experience & Reducing Cost

Improving Experience & Reducing Cost

  • Improving User Experience

    • We can tailor message delivery strategies on the basis of business scenarios. Companies can choose to reach users via multiple channels at the same time, or choose intelligent message redelivery. JPush enables app SMS redelivery, and JUMS allows for supplementary redelivery for each other among the nine mainstream channels, ensuring effective delivery while avoiding disturbing users.
  • Reducing Messaging Cost

    • The costs of messaging channels such as SMS and voice messaging for company business remain high. JUMS, through intelligent detection, can prioritize the use of low-cost channels such as apps and WeChat official accounts with SMS as a supplement to ensure effective delivery while greatly reducing cost.

Powerful Push and SMS Services

Powerful Push and SMS Services

  • High-performance App Push System

    • Our push system enables simple SDK integration and provides easy-to-use APIs to ensure the fast launch of a platform within one hour. It is fully compatible with seven major mobile phone manufacturers to improve delivery rate. It supports nine message types to meet operational needs. The delivery capacity of over 100 billion messages per day is solid proof of JPush's highly reliable high-concurrency processing capability.
  • One-stop SMS Service

    • We provide a channel integrating the three Chinese telecom operators' networks with a delivery rate of 99%. It enables auto generation and verification of verification codes to reduce companies' operation and maintenance costs. It supports multiple types of verification codes, notifications and marketing for seamless connection with UMS, PUSH, etc.

Multi-project, Multi-business Support

Multi-project, Multi-business Support

    • For a group company with multiple independent businesses, each with multiple independent departments, Messaging Cloud is a solution focusing on projects and channels to enable the isolation of business and data between projects and between channels, so it can flexibly adapt to business scenarios of companies of varying sizes.

Customer Case


"Aurora Mobile has been our partner since our inception. It has witnessed our user size expansion from tens of thousands to the current tens of millions. Even during large-scale events such as the European Championship and the World Cup with an instantaneous surge in data volume, Aurora Mobile has been able to offer high-level services, making our work easy. Our teams have a tacit mutual understanding. We hope Aurora Mobile and Dongqiudi continue working well together in the future."


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