Pain Points & Challenges

High-Risk Users

Fraud rings of illegal industries carry out cyber frauds on the platform, which affects normal operation of the platform and causes unpredictable losses to users.

Deal Hunters

Some users register with the platform to seek only the best deals, conduct fake transactions and exploit platform vulnerabilities, which affects the results of platform activities and occupies limited discounts.

Simulated Human Operation

Some users use scripts to simulate human operations by machines to create massive or batch fake transactions and constantly simulate and exploit platform vulnerabilities.

Complicated Operation Process

The lengthy login and registration processes, cumbersome operations, and operation errors lead to high user loss rate and low user trust in the brand.

Identifying High-Risk Users

Identifying High-Risk Users

  • Identify high-risk user groups based on the big data of user behaviors and return the security coefficient data to customers so that customers can decide whether to allow login by phone number.

Blocking Deal Hunters

Blocking Deal Hunters

  • Phone number verification can filter out deal hunters who seek only the best deals in marketing activities of e-commerce, O2O, social community, etc.

Identifying User via Algorithm

Identifying User via Algorithm

  • Identify user behavior through big data, determine whether it is human behavior, and return highly reliable identification result percentage to customers, so that customers can decide the score with which a user is allowed to log in.

One-click Verification for Login via Phone Number

One-click Verification for Login via Phone Number

  • Streamline user operation process and remove cumbersome operations to avoid user loss, and retain real and credible users.

Customer Case

JParking, H5, Mini Program

With JVerification solution, JParking app has solved the problems regarding fast login with phone number and secure login of car owners. The number of one-click logins has reached 50 million a year, which has shortened the time required for user login and registration, improved user experience and use efficiency; meanwhile, the cost for login via SMS verification codes has been reduced, and operation process has been streamlined. Quick login is what users want in parking and paying scenarios.


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