Have You Ever Encountered These Problems?

Complex Application Scenarios

There are too many system platforms and manufacturer channels, and there are too many rules for notification pushing via platforms and channels that are upgraded very fast and incompatible. It is difficult to upgrade and maintain push platforms and it takes a long time to implement processes, leading to low efficiency.

Low Delivery/Click Rate

Reasons such as channel quota limit, message type limit, single sending strategy, lack of reissue mechanism, close of notification permission, and poor sending timing lead to low delivery rate and click rate, causing poor operational performance.

Simulated Human Operation

Black industry users use code receiving platforms, batch scripts, keygens, etc., to simulate human operations to create massive fake transactions or exploit platform vulnerabilities.

Risk of Black Industrie

Fraud rings of black industries carry out cyber frauds on the platform by such methods as credential stuffing, account theft, account cleaning, account trading and maintenance, affecting normal operation of the platform and causing losses to users.

What Are the Functions of JVerification?

Why You Should Choose JVerification

Comprehensive coverage

Integrates three major operators, covering more than 99.9% of users

Improve experience

One-click verification without verification code, to improve conversion rate and user experience

Safety and security

No more SMS verification code with clear text to reduce the risk of being hijacked

Real-time confrontation

Dynamic defense and confrontation in seconds, real-time confrontation at business front-line

Convenient access

Quickly complete SDK integration without additional development costs

Multi-dimensional model

Massive black industry features, intelligent model confrontation, multi-dimensional risk identification

Product price Discountn 50%

Purchase quantity
One-click Login & Verification pricing









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