Have You Ever Encountered These Problems?

Reach more customers at the expense of degrading user experience

Forced to reach more users with multiple channels due to lack of accurate access strategy, resulting in creating message bombings.

Imbalance between cost and delivery rate

The delivery rate of free message channels is low, while the cost of short messages is extremely high.

Insufficient data analysis dimensions due to isolated systems

The user data, sending system and statistical system are independent, and the data is not interconnected, which makes it difficult to form a closed-loop operation workflow.

Repeated docking, waste of resources

Each business system independently connects with the distribution channel, which leads to the need for repeated development in channel expansion.

What Are the Functions of JMlink?

Why You Should Choose JMlink

Intelligent short linking service

Automatically identifying the installation status of the targeted apps to improve their installation rate

Easy to integrate

Lightweight integration packages and user-friendly APIs are available

Visual report

Multi-dimensional transformation analysis

Multiple template

We enable our customers to customize the navigation pages in order to improve their brand exposure


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