Problems & Challenges in Going Global

While seizing overseas opportunities, companies are facing overseas data compliance requirements, network environments and software ecosystems that are completely different from those in China. The key to maintaining business growth is to deliver messages to users in a localized, refined, stable, and efficient manner.

Difficulty in Integrating Channels

It is difficult to adapt App Push to multiple phone models to connect with phone makers' channels
It is difficult to connect SMS, email, WhatsApp, and other channels
Multiple platforms are costly in terms of independent development and have low operational efficiency

Low Message Delivery Rate

FCM and the self-built App Push channel have a low delivery rate
The complex international network environment and credibility of domain names make the email delivery rate lower than expected
Black boxes of SMS service providers

Difficulty in Service Communication

Overseas messaging platforms' service support in Chinese is limited
Time differences make it difficult to solve problems in time

High Compliance Risk

Compliance and privacy security under international legal regulation
Data compliance issues: data collection
Messaging compliance issues: sensitive words, sending frequency

Omnichannel Customer Reach

We integrate major customer reach channels and implement intelligent messaging strategies to help enterprises promptly reach customers at a low cost

Safe and reliable service advantages

We offer strong productization capabilities, a diversified product mix, complete/extensive developer toolkits and industry-leading solutions

High Delivery Rates for Global User Reach

The leading messaging service provider with high delivery rates in Asia and throughout the world

Tens of Billions of Messages Sent Daily

Enterprises send tens of billions of messages daily through our stable and reliable system

Developer-Friendly API

Get the required services up and running quickly with our complete API interface and easy-to-use SDK

Professional Support

Strong expert service team to provide technical support to developers

Customer Case


Aurora Mobile helps BYD Company Limited(“BYD”) to expand its new energy vehicle business in Europe using its overseas messaging cloud solution (the “Solution”).The Solution offers international services with multi-node access to global servers, overseas networks, and international sending IPs, ensuring customers enjoy high availability of service, exclusive IP resources, and high-quality messaging. Aurora Mobile will help BYD effectively carry out user reach in overseas markets and improve the messaging experience of users. The partnership with BYD demonstrates the industry-wide acclaim and trust that Aurora Mobile commands for its robust technical capabilities and services

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