Have You Ever Encountered These Challenges?

Dispersed Operation Channels

You have a huge customers base on channels like official website, mini program, physical stores, official account, app, and social platforms, and find it hard to integrate operation scenarios and reach customers through refined marketing.

Low ROI of Products

You have put in a lot of effort and money to develop products. But how to recommend the right products to the right people at the right time, and to increase product sales through intelligent recommendation?

Difficulties in Customer Journey Management

Effectively identifying current stages of customers and providing them with individualized services and value are the key to raising conversion and retention rates. But how to intelligently and automatically identify and manage customer journeys?

Difficulties in Marketing Activity Implementation

Online operation activities are time-consuming, the operations require high labor costs, and it is difficult to monitor the conversion outcome. So how to improve operational efficiency with flexible, powerful, fast automated marketing solutions?

Waste of Existing Customers

The cost of customer acquisition keeps rising as traffic dividends fade away, but you lack tools and strategies for refined, automated, and JOperations targeting massive existing users.

Difficulties in User Asset Management

Enterprise digitization involves self-built business platforms, three-party business platforms, and three-party social platforms. So how to build a unified user identification system for multi-party data linkage, dynamic update, and data value production, thus securing infrastructure for intelligent marketing?

Product Value

We can intelligently gain insights into user lifecycles, tailor individualized, automated and JOperation plans for users, and facilitate the fulfillment of marketing objectives by improving the user experience and directing customer journeys.

  • Customer Journey and Insight

    We can intelligently identify user lifecycle stages, and enable visual rules to quickly locate audience and gain visual insights into their characteristics and preferences

  • AI-based Group Prediction

    We can intelligently predict potential users and early get involved in the operation of them to prevent silent users, user loss and improve conversion rate

  • Formulating Operation Plan

    It takes only four steps to set triggering and reaching plans for each user group, and scheduled plans, repeated plans and trigger-type plans can be set

  • Intelligent Execution

    The system can automatically execute various tasks as per operation plans, and the AI-based text can improve click rate while intelligent timing delivery can help improve delivery rate

  • All Channel Reach

    Support app notification, SMS, 5G messaging, DingTalk, Alipay life account, WeChat mini program, official account, email, and other marketing scenarios

  • Effect Analysis & Intelligent Improvement

    The marketing plan achievement analysis and the sending and clicking analysis by channel will automatically generate improvement suggestions for intelligent optimization of reach strategies

How does JOperation enable intelligent marketing?

Why Should You Choose JOperation?

Massive Internet-wide Data

With massive Internet-wide, JOperation can fully use our data advantages under the privacy plan framework, and properly apply data to portrait, tag, Risk Marketing Score, AI prediction, etc., to help effectively enhance marketing and conversion results

AI Algorithm

On the basis of in-app user behavior data and Internet-wide data, our AI algorithm model has been applied for many years in industries such as finance, FMCG, and Internet finance. We continue to upgrade and fine-tune the algorithm model to quickly help customers improve prediction results

Data Application

We can process about 10 billion pieces of data every day, and have a wealth of experience in fields like data flow, data cleaning, data analysis and application. We can provide customers with safe, stable, and efficient data governance solutions

Reach Channels

Our push/SMS/email and messaging platforms are highly recognized in the market. Our JOperation enables users to reach through 8 channels and over 20 service protocols, guaranteeing a good delivery rate, reach analysis, and loss analysis

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