Integrated Media Industry Difficulties & Challenges

Audience Loss on Traditional Platforms

Traditional print media and radio stations are seeing an audience churn, while new platforms are not widely influential. In the era of integrated media, audience has diverse needs, in particular interactive experiences

Fragmented, Scattered and Isolated Content

The content of different media platforms is fragmented, scattered and isolated, with channels and platforms being independent of each other, unable to keep apace with the rapid evolution of the Internet and difficult to track public opinions.

Fragmented Province-City-County Pattern

Integrated new releases at the province, city, and county levels are difficult. With notable characteristics at each level, it is generally impossible for different channels to mutually complement in terms of public opinion and content. It is hard to conduct joint operations integrating the three levels.

Omnichannel Delivery of Media News

Omnichannel Delivery of Media News

  • Centralized Release of Omnimedia News

    • Personalized news release is enabled in one system integrating Weibo, WeChat, Weishi, client, APP, Douyin and other omnimedia platforms
  • Smart Information Service for Party Building

    • The Party Building News Center provides Party affairs, learning, information, and Party-mass interaction services for small and medium-sized enterprises and governments at all levels to enhance cohesion
  • Ramping up University Construction

    • APP, WeChat, and PC are used to assist universities in providing education, life, and activity services for students
  • Smart Traffic Safety Education

    • It helps public security and traffic police authorities release safety education content in real-time to popularize traffic safety knowledge

One-link Private Domain Traffic Attraction

One-link Private Domain Traffic Attraction

  • Before

    • In an online media scenario, users are attracted by news information, digital currency, etc. But users are kept on the home page when the app is downloaded and installed, and could not return to the previous page
  • After

    • The unique scenario restoration functionality of JMLink can perfectly restore user request when the user downloads, installs and opens an APP, and automatically jump to the previous page that the user is interested in

Creating an Integrated Media Video Content Ecosystem

Full Platform Architecture of Integrated Media

Customer Case

A News Website

Its low news delivery rate and efficiency were so low that it could not synchronize news releases immediately, with a need to add short video content to diversify its single content forms. With the aid of JPush and VaaS short videos, it has increased user retention rate rapidly in a short time. The added short video function enhances user stickiness, with use duration up by 5s-15s.

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